Index librorum prohibitorum cum Regulis. Confectis per Patres à Tridétina Synodo delectos, authoritate Sactiß. D.N. Pij IIII, Pont. Max. comprobatus

Author(s), creator(s), collaborator(s) :
Type of the represented object : Book

Editor: [Liège] Leodii, Impensis Henrici Hovii. 1568
Fabrication : [Liège] Leodii Typis Gualteri Morberii typographi jurati, ad Põtem insulæ, sub intersignio
Place of creation of the original object: Liège (Belgique)
First publication of the original object: 1568
16th century
Modern times (1492-1789)
Original object location: Réseau des Bibliothèques
Identifiant(s): XIV.110.2(QUATER) (Cote ULiège)
709502286 (Code-barres ULiège)
Original object language: Latin
Dimensions, weight or duration: Papier 8°
Physical description of the represented object : 68 pages, 4 pages non numérotées
Description: Legs Baron A. Wittert, 1903

Empreinte : e-m- .)t. s-ua stij (3) 1568 (A)
Signatures : A-D⁸ E⁴
Keyword: Livres prohibés; Censure
CREF classification(s): Histoire
Classification(s): Arts & humanities => History
Original object linked resource:
Theux, X. de. Bibliographie liégeoise (2. éd.), 5
Part of: Public domain

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Format: Adobe PDF
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