Bradocryphaeus sp.

Author(s), creator(s), collaborator(s) : Mottequin; Denayer; Poty; ...
Type of the represented object : Fossils

Author(s), creator(s), collaborator(s): Mottequin (author)
Denayer (author)
Poty (author)
Devleeschouwer (author)
Place of creation of the original object: Engis; La Mallieue (Belgique)
Creation of the original object: Dévonien
Period: Frasnien supérieur
Original object location: Collection of animal paleontology
Fossil type: Figured fossil
Identifiant(s): Ulg.PA.2016-01-06/9
Abstract: Fig. 18i
Description: Mottequin, B., Denayer, J., Poty, E. & Devleeschouwer, X., 2015. Middle to Upper Frasnian succession, Kellwasser events and the Frasnian–Famennian Boundary in the Namur–Dinant Basin. In: Denayer, J., Mottequin, B. & Prestianni, C. (eds) IGCP-SDS Symposium: Climate change and Biodiversity patterns in the Mid-Palaeozoic, September 2015, Brussels, Field Guides: The Devonian and Carboniferous successions in southern Belgium, STRATA, 17, 24-45.
CREF classification(s): Sciences exactes et naturelles
Classification(s): Physical, chemical, mathematical & earth Sciences => Earth sciences & physical geography
Organization that sponsored the digitization: Université de Liège - ULiège
Part of: Public domain

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Format: JPEG
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