Syne Doorluchtighste Eminentie vernemende met verwonderinge, als dat de Gemeyntens van 't Landt en andere, aen de welcke de repartie der wegen geordonnert is, sigh negligeren van haere plicht te quyten [...] Gegeven in den Geheymen Raede van Syne Doorluchtighste Eminentie den 25 September 1752

Author(s), creator(s), collaborator(s) : Bavière, Jean Theodore de; Chestret, Jean-Nicolas de
Type of the represented object : Poster

Author(s), creator(s), collaborator(s): Bavière, Jean Theodore de (1703-1763) (contributor)
Chestret, Jean-Nicolas de (1728-1810) (other)
Place of creation of the original object: Liège (Belgique)
Creation of the original object: Modern times (1492-1789)
First publication of the original object: 1752
18th century
Original object location: Réseau des Bibliothèques
Collection: Posters
Identifiant(s): R4A3 (cote ULiège)
1893414-10 (code-barres ULiège)
Original object language: Dutch, Flemish
Material, support of the original object: Papier
Dimensions, weight or duration: 36 x 22 cm
Physical description of the represented object : 1 Placard
Description: Note manuscrite au recto
CREF classification(s): Droit
Classification(s): Law, criminology & political science => Multidisciplinary, general & others
Organization that sponsored the digitization: Fonds Constant
Part of: Public domain

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Description: Verso
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Access type: Open Access

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