Epitome totius astrologiae, conscripta a Ioanne Hispalensi Hispano Astrologo celeberrimo, ante annos quadringentos, Ac nunc primum in lucem edita. Cum praefatione Ioachimi Helleri Leucopetraei, contra Astrologiae adversarios.

Author(s), creator(s), collaborator(s) : Jean de Séville
Type of the represented object : Book

Author(s), creator(s), collaborator(s): Jean de Séville (author)
Editor: Noribergae : In officina Ioannis Montani, e Ulrici Neuber
Place of creation of the original object: Nuremberg (Allemagne)
First publication of the original object: 1548
16th century
Modern times (1492-1789)
Original object location: Réseau des Bibliothèques
Identifiant(s): R00999B (cote ULiège)
700007174 (code-barres ULiège)
Original object language: Latin
Abstract: Contient : Albubatris Astrologi diligentissimi, Liber Genethliacus, ...
Material, support of the original object: Papier
Dimensions, weight or duration: 21 cm
Physical description of the represented object : [89] feuillets, 4°
Reliure en parchemin estampée à froid
Description: Signature : (sign. A-D4, B-T4)

Ex-libris : Nordkirchen
Keyword: Astrologie -- Ouvrages avant 1800; Astrologie arabe
CREF classification(s): Sciences de la terre et du cosmos
Classification(s): Physical, chemical, mathematical & earth Sciences => Space science, astronomy & astrophysics
Organization that sponsored the digitization: Université de Liège
Part of: Public domain

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Format: Adobe PDF
Access type: Open Access

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